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41041366 Valve

Valve | Solenoid Valve | Part No:41041366
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Solenoid Valve

Part Number: 41041366


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Delivery Information

Safety Warning - Always unplug from the mains before carrying out any repairs.

This part also fits the following makes and models:

Candy (4)

EVOW 6853D-80

GVW 1585TC3B-80

GVW 1585TC3W-80

GVW45 385TC-80

Hoover (20)

HDB 854DN/1-80


WDXA 4851-80

WDXA 496A2-80

WDXA C6852B-80

WDXC 4751-80

WDXC 4851-80

WDXC 485C1B-80

WDXC 5851-80

WDXC C4851-80

WDXC C4851B-80

WDXC C5962-80

WDXC C5962B-80

WDXC E4852-80

WDXC E51062-80

WDXP 596A2-80

WDXT 4106A2-80

WDYN 10743D-80

WDYN 655D-80

WDYN 9656P-80